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Title: Вплив терміну зберігання на властивості музейних штамів бактерій родів proteus та morganella
Other Titles: Influence on the properties of the shelf life of museum strains of bacteria of the genera proteus and morganella
Authors: Брич, О. І.
Синетар, Е. О.
Лоскутова, М. М.
Гарницька, О. Г.
Скуратова, О. Г.
Keywords: лиофилизация
жизнеспособность штаммов
viability of the strains
biological properties
sensitivity to antibiotics
биологические свойства
чувствительность к антибиотикам
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Description: Objective: to test the viability, taxonomic position of museum strains genera Proteus and Morganella during long5term storage — for 25548 years, to examine their morphological, cultural, biochemical properties and sensitivity to antibiotics. Materials and methods: studies were perfomed using cultural, microscopic, bacteriological, biochemical and statistical methods. Results: found that among the studied strains of lyophilized P.vulgaris, P.mirabilis and M.morganii after 25548 years of storage 84% was viable. Biochemical identification of museums strains helped to clarify the taxonomic position of the three isolates. A retrospective analysis of data sensitivity viable strains to antibiotics was made. All srains P.vulgaris and M.morganii were resistant to ampicillin, cefalotin, cefuroxim, cefuroxim acsetyl. All investigated strains were sensitive to aminoglycosides, quinolones, meropenem and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole.
URI: http://www.dovkil-zdorov.kiev.ua/env/68-0028.pdf
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